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The Tar man is said to have come from the north to the sea.

How much Tar is required?

The Tar needs 10,000 pounds of raw Tar. It can be found in all kinds of places but for most people, it’s a tough sell.

What happens if you have too much Tar?

If you get to the point where you no longer want to eat Tar and decide to start selling it, you’re in a real sticky situation. If you’ve been selling to strangers and never sold it outside of your house, you have a problem. Your inventory has a tendency to become quite a bit more expensive than if you were prepared to sell it to a buyer.

Do I need to be a chef to do a Tar man?

I don’t know anything about cooking or being a chef. That’s a tricky one. It looks like you only need to serve yourself and friends.

If I’m cooking but I don’t have tar, can I make it without it?

Yes. It’s very easy to make Tar without it even though it’s expensive. First, you need to use an appropriate quantity of Tar. Then, you put salt, flour and pepper into a large shallow container and stir them together. Let this sit overnight. Then mix the cooked tar with water and then add to the dry ingredients in the container. Stir and cook until the ingredients are all cooked together.

Is that what tar used to be called?

Yeah – a very strong tar. It was also used as a drug, to make candles, to make candles that burn hotter, and to make fireworks.

Is Tar used for making oil?

Not exactly. Some people put it into their oil to make it go on fire. It’ll be fine if you put it on a fire, but not well. I’ve seen it used on fire and it burned up.

I read recently that Tar is used as the fuel for fires. Do people use tar at a bonfire?

Yeah. People still burn it during the New Year, as I think was said to me.

Do you use a fire starter?

No – only if I have to start it.

Can you still cook with Tar in a fire?

It depends. If it’s a very hot fire, like on a stove or stovetop, you really do need to use a fire starter to make it go on and it’s

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