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Lilypad, a tool that allows web developers to easily create reusable javascript components, can now be downloaded for free on GitHub.

Lilypad aims to allow anyone to easily create reusable javascript components for websites at their local web development shop. In my opinion Lilypad is the best JavaScript tools for creating javascript components as it allows you to create reusable components with minimal javascript code for web applications. It is also very easy to use the tools and there is no learning curve – with just some simple keystrokes you can create custom components within a minute or two.

Getting Started with Lilypad

You can download the latest releases of the Lilypad package from GitHub. If you are interested in getting started with the tool, you can start by downloading the latest release of the project, and running

git clone bash

Once the directory has been created you can run npm install in the directory to get ready to download the latest version of the JavaScript framework. Once the package is installed you can start the development by running the following command, this will download the latest version of Lilypad:

npm install

This tool allows you to create a javascript component structure in an XML file with custom code for the component inside a node_modules folder. If you want to try it for yourself, take the following example. Open up your file called src/app/ui/app.component.spec.js and update the contents. You can create a component without going into the node_modules folder and the component’s code is self-contained in the same directory as the component itself.

In my example I am using a simple button component that will display a message, and I have defined some custom code and HTML markup for the component. You can find my entire component at To test out the component open up another terminal and navigate to src/app/ui/app.component.spec.js. You should see

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