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The answer is “more”. Harmony is the basis on which all music is built. There can be three basic types of harmony: harmony of chords, harmony of scales, rhythm and chord progressions.


Chords are the primary components of the main body of a piece of music. In the musical scale a particular note may occupy more than one position. Each position may have more than one chord. Thus:

the “C”, “D” and “E” of the key A, A is in 5th position in A minor;

the same note is in 3rd position in D major;

the same note is in 1st position in E minor; and lastly the same note is in 6th position in the same key.

On the other hand, in a metronome the “th” of A minor is the same from time to time – it’s the “C” of A major; and it’s the “E” on some “standard” chords.

Chords also comprise the chord progressions which are used during the composition of the piece. The key to success in this area is to keep a clear understanding of what each chord really means. As we can see from the chart above, it is possible to play a certain chord progression by doing only its notes (from its position in the scale) and no other notes with a certain note position. You must understand which notes in the chord are in the position where you play them.

So the most important thing is to master using the notes at the exact position where you want the harmony to appear in the music. So don’t let one note change the harmonic sound of the piece.

Chords are formed by joining the various notes together. For example, if C has the notes a, b, i and iii, a(ii) represents C, a(ii) and iii is C and a(iii) represents D. This means that the chord can be heard as three notes and has a total of five chords (see the chart below). This is the most common chord formula.

Each of these 5 chords can be found in the scale charts below. A progression can be found as a series of 5 notes. Also note that the “e” in “thee” is not the third in a scale (as it is in C). As the scale has 12 notes, you have 12 intervals which form 12 scales.

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