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Well for those of you already in the know there is no such thing as perfect pitch, we were always happy to get it. But what is perfect pitch and does it help in determining pitch for a pitcher? It’s all about perception. The biggest cause of that perception is the ears. That means you have to work very hard to hear it correctly. For those of us who are already used to the language of baseball and the way pitch is often defined, it’s not immediately clear; that’s why we get into things like “no-pitch” and “no-throws” and “pitch frame of reference.” But how would we define “no-pitch” for a pitcher in reality? It can mean you start throwing outside a hitter and in the seventh inning a guy has two strikes and just needs a strikeout and the batters would be looking to strike out the hitter and you start pitching outside and the batter takes two steps back. But it often doesn’t mean what it’s meant to mean and that’s why I think it adds to the confusion when you talk about the pitch frame of reference. What the pitch frame of reference does if we just look at how a pitcher looks. So, for example take this pitch to Yadier Molina, the pitch we saw was at 3.1 feet. That’s not exactly pitch framing and when I first looked at pitch framing what I saw was that the pitcher looked very tall compared to how he looked in the first inning, at the end of the game, just before I left the ballpark, then he looked a bit over the top when I sat down and then he looked a bit less over the top when I started looking at the video. So, for example, if you had a hitter throw to him and you had the two options of throwing it to first or second, would you pitch to him inside the zone, or would you pitch to him in the zone and then put a curve or a change-up in? If you say the batter was trying to hit one guy and throw him an outside fastball, and it got away, you’d try to pitch it inside to the outside hitters and if it got away you’d pitch it in the zone to third. So, in terms of pitch framing you can look at the pitcher’s action or his delivery if it’s not perfect — and, in the end I think this has to do with perception, not so much what the pitcher is doing — but a look and look at his posture. Look at the way he

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