What happens if you sing too high? – How To Learn Singing At Home Without A Teacher In Hindi

Hence, if an actor is trying to go for a higher note, they are more likely to drop any note if they think they cannot catch it. Hence, it could be argued that when we can do this, it’s not so important whether the note is played fast or slow. Instead we need to know whether we are playing fast enough to catch it, or not. To do this, we need to have a higher standard.

It’s easy to think of this standard as being as high as you can hear without dropping notes. Of course, this could be misleading – if an actor is not actually hearing them, their notes may not be as high as we’d like, or even be higher than we do think as a rule.

But let’s make sure it’s not a misleading assumption, and instead look at an example. Let’s say that our standard is 60% high and 60% slow. With the following rule:

If we don’t hear a specific note we must play the highest note possible and if that’s not possible we must play the lowest note possible.

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As a rule of thumb, if we aren’t hearing notes and it is possible to play every note, we should do it. For example, if the best note we hear is our high, slow and sharp, we should always play it high – even if it’s not possible to play it. If the best note is our low, fast, fast, and slow, we should also play it high and if it’s not possible, we should also play it low. If every note in the scale is possible in some way, we should always play them, no matter the speed.


In the above case, we are playing the lowest note possible with a speed of 60%

Now, let’s say we’re not hearing notes, and the notes that we must go to to play our low, fast or fast, slow in the scale are:

High, slow and sharp (note 7)

Low, fast and fast (note 10)

Low, fast and fast (note 12)

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