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A belt is the instrument (a guitar) that is used to make the note(s) that are sung.
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Who is the most famous belt singer? Mary Ford, who sang the anthem “America”

Why was the first version of the song banned? It was said to be about slavery

When Microsoft introduced Windows 10 for phones in September last year, one of its biggest selling points was that it would work on multiple forms of phone – from your PC, to your phone, to a tablet, and a Windows 10 machine as a second screen. It’s been a key part of Microsoft’s vision for the future, and it looks like its ambitious plan is working. As of yesterday, two new phones can now be considered to be Windows 10 devices – the Nokia Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL – which could be considered the best Windows 10 handsets available.

It’s certainly something of a coup if Nokia can make a new flagship device that is so good that even the biggest fan of Microsoft’s operating system is willing to hand up their old device.

However, there’s something to be said for trying to go it alone. Microsoft’s other two smartphone offerings, the Surface Laptop and Surface Pro, were both great, as were the Windows RT tablets, but none of them had any sort of compelling argument to justify them (ahem, Windows Phone). The Surface Laptop and Surface Pro are no good to anybody. You’d pay between $2,500 and $35,300 for them each, and if you were to pick them up today, most will think you were buying a tablet and would do what you did with them back in 2015. And you’d be right to do so, in many ways. I can see these devices being used as more than one thing, either a personal computer or something to play games with.

Nokia, however, is an interesting case.

They say your first love is your last to lose, but you’d be crazy to think Nokia’s Windows 10 Mobile platform is in the same league as Apple iPhone or Samsung Tablets. The OS is incredibly basic, and to start off it’s kind of clunky and not really up to par for a modern smartphone OS. But Nokia knows that it has room to improve and they do, including making sure that the apps you download have the newest and coolest features. Not only is this good for the user experience in the apps themselves, it also means a user experiences the apps differently on each platform, even if

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