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Well, what you need is a kind of courage that doesn’t come naturally to you. In music, it’s the kind of confidence that someone must have — the sort of arrogance that would send you flying through the air.

If you’re doing something that’s dangerous, it’s dangerous to be a braggart. It’s the first time that people meet you and they don’t know who you are. So when a man gets caught in a lie, he has a new confidence. In the song “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” of Henry Fonda and Virginia Williams, the chorus comes in very quickly, before the lyrics even stop. The words are: “It’s a small world. He said he’d get down to Georgia” (sic). People are so used to the normal thing in America: “Hey, man, you have no manners.” We don’t have manners! Everybody else has manners — they’re just not as loud that we like to hear what we have to say.

What does a braggart do at a party?
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First, he can pretend to be someone he’s not. The most famous person known for that was Jackie Kennedy. Kennedy liked to go to parties and pretend she was a gentleman. And then after she was on the stage she would give the audience a piece of paper. You know, the name of the party. And she would say: “If you’re good looking, then I’ll show you where my private side is!” And when you get off the stage, the music would suddenly change. And Jackie would say to everybody: “Look, we all have one private side. But if you think I’m a gentleman and a good host, then I welcome your patronage!” So that was her kind of brag.

If someone goes on stage and he’s not that man but he’s a bragger, is he more convincing?

Yes — he has a more convincing speech. First, he has to act and make up some way of speaking that he thinks it’s good for him to have. You know, if he’s walking down the street — he could have a good time, but I’ve got to tell you he’d feel better if he walked and said “Hi, good evening” to someone who wasn’t on his level. He’s in his comfort zone. And it takes away the danger. He’d want to stand up or say:

“It’s my turn to say something!”

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