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A male alto, named after the person who gave the word.

A female alto is an alto with long alveoli.

A “short” alto is just a short one called a bass.

There were once, and still are, several different alto forms that are still in use today. These are known as “short” (or “abdominal” alto, as the case may be), “abdominal” or “upper” alto, “jazz alto,” and “jazz alto bass.”

The jazz alto, the bass alto, is an important player in classical music, and it is frequently played by women. Here is a jazz alto at the Metropolitan Opera.

The other varieties of alto are very interesting to study. Here are two women alto players.

Some of the alto varieties are named “lawn alto,” “paintal alto,” and “blues alto.” Here is Jazz Alto bass player Mary Bierling who played with a trio.

One of the most common varieties is called “piano alto,” but it has many other names too — as “soprano” alto, or “soprano” alto.

There are also other players for the alto saxophone that are called “tobacco” alto, “fiddle alto,” or “harp” alto.

This is a female player of a “tobacco” alto and it looks a little complicated.
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A man’s alto is still used, and the instruments are not as varied, especially as regards the names. Here is a “lawn alto saxophone” that was given to me in 1964.

Here is the name and a photo of the player. He is named George W. Stagg, and he is on the left with the other saxophone players on the instrument.

This alto player was a “champion” on the bandstand. A man named Thomas Farr was the one who gave him the name.

Here is a good video presentation of saxophone playing. It begins at about 1 hour 30 minutes into the video.

A video presentation of jazz alto saxophone playing from “Jazz alto” by David Lee O’Brien.

How to Play Saxophone?

The easiest way to play a

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