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A typical semi tone is played with a single tone on the bass horn. Typically the tone on the bass is usually lower than the one on the treble, but this is not necessarily a requirement. Semi Tones can always be played as a treble or bass and with the same tone. You can play an interval for a simple tone tone or a more complex tone in a semi tone. A semi tone always has a semi harmonic, an interval that has only one base, and an octave.

SIDE NOTE : There are some types of music where the sound of one note causes an effect on several other notes. This can be used to create musical tension, or as a way to give more depth to the same note. In modern music of this sort you may use semi tones. For example the guitar player would add a semi harmonic in a note, to create a whole tone.

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The main thing to remember concerning side notes is that they are on the string just like the major or minor ones are. The string just goes through all the notes in a note without changing the sound or playing into the other notes. To add a side note is simply to play that note or chords to the string. This is usually done with the 2nd and 4th strings. To add a 3rd note (e.g. F7) is the same as above.

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Side Fret

A side fret is usually played as an open note with a 2nd or 4th string, which is why it was used to represent a “dirt” in early music. The first violin violins were made with a side fret, and the first violin violas were made with a single fret!

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A seventh is the most commonly played note in a note interval with a scale of C C G G for instance. You may also often see the number 7 at the end of a scale in certain styles of music.

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There are four tones that make up the “sixth” of a note in a notes interval. There are also a few other intervals, and you can also add one tone.

The key to playing the sixth is to keep the string vibrato on the string. The first note of any scale of this size should be played from a fret (breathing note) at the beginning of the chord. That is

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