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What does it look like? What’s the context? What’s the tone of the music, the timing? It’s a completely different sound than what people are used to hearing from an iPhone app.”

But don’t try this at home, says Zdziarski because:

“If this works well, they’ll really need to do it again.”

I had to stop for 20 minutes to do the math, and if the math is correct, this is something worth doing in the first place.

The following statement was released by Bayside Unified School District staff today:

Bayside’s leadership is committed to implementing the district’s Comprehensive High Impact Plan.

The plan calls for creating a school-based community where learning, community, family, and support are all integral components of life at Bayside. It also provides the foundation for Bayside to be a truly equitable school.

Bayside was designed so that all students are equally valued, whether in pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, or beyond. At present, Bayside is still a predominantly black/Hispanic school and the Bayside Elementary School will maintain that status until 2030. This will increase disparities based on race, gender, and socioeconomic background. This is reflected in the high school graduation rate of about 45 percent.

Bayside’s Comprehensive High Impact Plan includes many initiatives that will help ensure that students are treated with equal and just value in the classroom. This plan includes the use of equity in all of the district systems, including the elementary school.

Equal education is built upon the concept of equal opportunity, a value that permeates throughout our mission, our district, and our district’s history. The concept of “equal opportunity” in a specific context is an important part of the district’s Comprehensive High Impact Plan, but it’s not a requirement. Bayside’s Comprehensive High Impact Plan is not a requirement.

While Bayside does not have a specific equity target in its Comprehensive High Impact Plan, it is a district equity and empowerment board with the authority to establish policy and make program changes based on evidence and results.

There are many tools, practices, and resources available to schools across the district to build equity and empowerment in our classroom environments. The Comprehensive High Impact Plan does not seek to implement such tools or resources.

To provide guidance about these policies and the impact they have on equity, the Comprehensive High Impact Plan incorporates the use of a new

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