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It was a simple pitch:

That was a simple pitch. The whole point was to make the public hear the “real” story behind the story. The very public, very big story behind the movie. You know, I think the public, in general, has had enough of “the truth”. We need to have more “the truth” – what actually happened. We need to have the whole truth.

The film was set to be released in the summer of 2012. After the first film had hit theaters, Paramount Pictures went into damage control. The new version of Star Trek, Star Trek Into Darkness, which replaced the original as the focus of the franchise, had a less than stellar box office performance. The second installment, Star Trek Into Darkness, starring Matt Damon and Bryan Cranston, failed to garner the same sort of critical acclaim as the first film’s box office returns.

While the movie didn’t have the kind of box office return that the first film had managed, Paramount was still very pleased with what they had created. That’s understandable, as the first film was considered the golden era of the franchise.
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We were all in awe of it. I know I really liked the stuff I saw. The last time I saw a movie like that, I was ten years old.

According to THR, Paramount and Abrams had agreed that Abrams would make Star Trek Into Darkness. They just needed the story and the cast. Abrams had already been developing things on that front for the last four years. After seeing the film in pre-production and then reading Abrams’ initial pitch outline, Abrams took that to Paramount, who agreed to give the green light.

We could have said goodbye to [Star Trek: Into Darkness] but I can tell you we wanted to be a part of the next chapter. We wanted to be involved. When we had that conversation with Paramount, they were very receptive. They said let’s keep the vision, give them an idea, try to develop it into the story they want to tell. So we made the decision to get involved with Star Trek.

In the following days, the movie’s director, JJ Abrams, held several meetings with the cast, crew, and studio executives. According to THR, the meetings were “cordial” and “open”, and focused on the script and the characters’ development. At the end of the day, the final decision was for Abrams to take control over the movie once it was completed. “I think the studio wanted

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