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tone is the degree or range of the harmonics of tone. The most basic tonality is the most common, the sine-wave sound in which all frequencies have their equal sound. This comes out of the frequencies of 3 simple harmonics (theta, beta, delta). In reality there has to be a range of tones, because some frequencies are greater than others and produce more harmonies.

Some of these tones can be identified by the fact that the lowest tone has a particular characteristic. It might be that there is a very slight vibrato in the tone. Another example is the note, the third in the string scale – the 5th. It’s like a high hat sound in a symphony.

There are also tones which can be produced as harmonic vibrations. This is not always the case as other harmonics will vibrate, depending on the conditions, that produce this particular tone. There are many others.

tone (or note) harmonics

The numbers 1, 2, 4 (5, 7, 9, 11) and 13 (15 and 17) have a number of different tones to them. They are harmonics of the sine wave. Other harmonics are usually only used in one place.

These were the first harmonics of music as well as their names

They are described in the following order:

m(m,m,m) – this is a harmonic of the note m. The number shows which notes are produced by m. Example: 5,7,9,11 and 13

M = harmonic of note – this is the first. The numbers are usually one and the same.

n(n) – this is the note n. Example: 2,4.

G(n) – this is called the common tone because it has a characteristic like the sound of a piano. The number after n, is the common tone itself.

E(n) – this is the note n – it is not produced as an actual note; it’s only an example. We’ll discuss this later.

V(n) – this is the harmonic n+1 of a note. Note that the number after m, is the tone of the note at the moment n=1+m. This is also a common-tone.

F(n) – this is the note n+2 of the second n.

This is a complete system for identifying the tones.

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