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In his talk page talk page (after the first edit war) of 6 June 2012, the article was titled: “Please explain why this paragraph’s wording isn’t consistent with the rest of the wiki.” on 8 June 2012, it was replaced with this:

The edit war was not a matter of consistency. Many of the editors who were in favor of the change were not and it’s not clear that the editors in favor of it were being serious about their claims.

The first time the article was changed after all of the original edits was to 17 April 2012, after the first talk page edit war from 22 April 2012 (when the article was called ‘an attempt to censor the discussion of Gamergate and harassment’ and ‘a clear attempt at censorship’), and the second time was to 3 May 2012, four days after the original edit war (when the article was called ‘a clear attempt at censorship’. Edit warring was not in the original intention of the change, but a compromise). The purpose of the change was to remove the term harassment and replace it with talk. [17]

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A man is dead after being shot and killed in broad daylight in a New York City alley, just blocks from the United Nations in Manhattan, according to police.

Police say the shooting was reported Monday night in the neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen in the Bronx.

A 27-year-old victim is in critical but stable condition, police tell the Press of Atlantic City.

Investigators said that a white SUV pulled up to a group of people, who then opened fire on the victim inside the vehicle.

The shooting took place in the 1100 block of West 14th Street, just blocks from the United Nations.

For months, President Donald Trump has faced questions about his alleged links to Russia. But one of the president’s biggest campaign promises — building a wall on the U.S.-Mexican border — appears to be under siege.

Despite his insistence that the U.S.-Mexico border is “not a wall,” an independent analysis from the nonpartisan Pew Research Center shows that U.S. legal immigration could potentially be up 23 percent during the first quarter of Trump’s first term.

One of the main questions that remains to be fully answered about the fate of the USS Cole in the Indian Ocean is where to bury it.

The remains of the warship, the first in the U.S. Navy

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