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When Neha Kakkar used to sing devotional songs ...

The first line of our script, to get our list of notes, is this:

note.json = { … }

and then this is the actual code:

var noteJSON = d3.json(d3.select().sort(function(a,b) { return a.notes.length > 5 ? {} : {}; })(); var notes = noteJSON.results; console.log(‘# notes: {}’, notes.length);

What’s next?

I plan to keep the notes API, but have also read this awesome post about a RESTful Notes API with React. You should really follow that article and make the notes API fully compatible with React.

I have been working on a better way to render all of the notes in a single JavaScript object called notes. Note, it’s a lot of work, so I won’t be making it public, but I’ll post the code on github if you have any questions about it.

Thanks for reading, and please, join in the discussion on Stack Overflow

The story is about how the most powerful men on the planet can be so easily corrupted by money, power and lies. They’re so stupid, they think they can get away with anything. This powerful man, Michael Corleone, takes advantage of his corrupt boss, Papa, to make a profit from his own crime, and then does it with the consent of his underlings. That’s all they have, right?

This is a movie, obviously, that deals with a lot of things, but in a lot of ways, it’s about what we call the “Big Three.” All three are powerful people (the president, the media mogul, and the mafia boss)—and all three, though all three are flawed, are all basically the same person, with something very specific that motivates them that has nothing to do with power and money.

In the beginning of the story, when Michael and Papa break up and run away from their own problems, what we see is the culmination of all the failures and misdeeds of these three men. The power that they hold is absolute. They think nothing of stealing and murdering, and Michael is an honorable guy in the way he tries to protect his friends. (Papa, though, is evil because he would do the exact same thing. At this point, he’s going to be the one killing him before the show wraps…)

We see them

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