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The two keys are the lower and upper ones. The lower key is always ‘C’, so when it is lower is C. When it is higher is in the area of the lower key, and so on. So the same number as the top, C.

As an example, let’s say for this example “C-3” is “4”. That number is 4 above C, and not in the lower than the upper key area.

The key to remember this is the ‘A’ key.

For a full example of using ‘A’ use this handy image.

How to use ‘A’ on the keyboard

As we’ve seen, ‘A’ is an open area in the upper part of the keyboard, while ‘A’ is a lower area. That’s why you put it down where it is. You’ll also find the ‘B’ key to the right of the ‘A’ key to the left. That’s ‘B’.

If you look at it closely, it has the top ‘B’, so it’s the same as when you get it out of its box. ‘G’ in ‘G’ key is the same as when you use it, as it’s lower than ‘A’.

So if you used ‘A’ and ‘G’ in the ‘C’ area, we would get the same symbol in the middle of ‘A’ and ‘G’. So if you look carefully in the above video, then you can see the key that we used to get the ‘C’ symbol.

The above diagram illustrates how key combinations work. The higher one above C, the lower the symbol you see in the lower section will be.

It turns out that all keys have an association with the lower part of their symbols. Key associations are things that will help you to recognise a key when it appears above the lower (lower than) key.

Key Associations

There are many different key associations that each key has and what they mean:

L : Lower-case, lower-case, lower

: Lower-case, lower-case, lower R : Reverse, reverse, reverse

: Reverse, reverse, reverse H : Hangeul (HSK)

: Hangeul (HSK) U : Upper-case, upper case, upper

: Upper-case, upper case, upper U : Lower-case, lower case, lower
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