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If the scale is not in alphabetical order, what’s which of the following?




Note: If the scale is in both alphabetical order and a different alphabet, you have to choose which to write first.

C C = C C = D D = E E = F F = G G = A A = H H = I

The other numbers are in the other columns.

An 18-year-old high school senior in Kansas will have his death sentence commuted to life in prison because he’s autistic.

David Wilcox, who has autism, died in his cell at a jail in the small town of Woodbury, Kan., last month. He had been behind bars for more than four months because he can’t read and is not supposed to know his gender.

A prison spokesman told the Wichita Eagle, a city newspaper in Wichita, that Wilcox had an IQ of 82. The prison spokeswoman, Donna Smith, says he couldn’t provide an IQ test. A doctor who looked into Wilcox’s case tells the paper he “does not have the diagnosis or the level of communication required to make decisions in a trial setting.”

Wilcox has been locked up since February 2009. Last month, his family filed a petition to have him released. It says Wilcox would not be harmed as long as prison officials continue to treat him like a disabled adult.

Wilcox was convicted in 2008 for selling marijuana, a charge for which he was sentenced to 10 to 25 years. That’s the same sentence he has now been given.

The family had asked that Wilcox be sentenced to life, but a judge refused them that request.

“We are thankful, finally, that something has been done,” says his father, Joe Wilcox. “We’re looking for compassion and understanding on all sides.”

A sentence of no more than 15 years would have spared Wilcox from execution. It would have also spared his life, his family says.

(h/t: the Eagle)

As a former president of the National Association of Attorneys General, a president of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division, an appellate judge and the chief judge of the Ninth Circuit in San Francisco, I have seen first-hand the need for federal civil rights enforcement of the law.

For decades, the federal government has failed to do its constitutional duty under the Constitution by failing to enforce the anti-discrimination

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