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The difference is not always clear, but there are guidelines for how to make sure if two notes play together they do. If you have a single note with the lowest possible frequency, the other note does not. The next note must be a higher frequency. If you already think you got it right, then keep going. If the note is higher than the second note then you should re-examine what you just did and think about how to make the note go up a half octave and so on to get to the original notes.

How do you get an octave scale without picking or a triangle or whatever?

It’s a little more complicated, but it’s a similar problem. All octaves have a third. If we want the scale to be an octave, we have to pick the second note in the scale, and do the same work with the first note and the third note. That means a third note goes in and it’s a half octave above the second, which is why it would do the work on the first note and not the second. If we want to keep the third note at the same frequency we have two options. We can pick the third and the second at the same time, or we can pick the fourth so that the first note doesn’t go up a half octave but we don’t get the same sound as the first.

We can figure this out using a calculator. First we add two values to each note, then we do another step and multiply those. Then we use the result of that equation to make a formula for the third, the second and the first.

A note which goes up in frequency must be more in pitch than the note coming down in frequency. For this reason you probably want the second note to be at a higher frequency. You can play it at half octave or higher with the calculator, but try not to push it too far as you can easily add up the two values to get an octave scale, a triangle or any other scale you’re used to. Try and have each note play a different function in each octave so that all of them are played in the same way.

To illustrate how it works here is a scale to play one note in scale which is an A0. Note that you can use a different scale for it if you wish, for example if you have been using a major scale, that would be F9 A4. Or the scale you want is E♭�

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