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One of my favorite articles on the subject comes from a 2007 issue of The Journal of the British Psychological Society, titled ‘Singing Less’ — Is a Greater Percentage of The “Singer Less” Population a Rejection of the Human Race and a Need for Reconciliation? The author, Peter White (a former musician, comedian, author and singer himself), has a PhD in Applied Psychology from the University of Bristol (in Psychology), in addition to being a freelance writer for a number of different publications.

The article is a straightforward and readable look at the data and the various research findings, but for those looking for some perspective, I’ll break it down to a few numbers:

The average ‘Sing Less’ person on TV’s top ten most watched TV programs during its peak month of October 2004 (when there were around 300 million viewers) was:

11% of the population

12% of the population on national “Saturday Night Live” (a show which has been cancelled many times before and has the third highest overall viewership of any U.S. broadcast or cable program)

9.7% of the population using MTV’s Singles Countdown (the only program in the U.S. in 2004 to feature a solo performance from more than one artist on the show)

3% of adults ages 25 to 54 (5.5% of the population) who watched any live sporting event over the preceding 24 hours

0.3% of the entire population (4.7% of the population) with TV as their primary source of entertainment

0.4% of the adult population (3.1% of the population) watching any live sporting event on live TV

A mere 2.9% of the adult population on average were also at least a fan of “The Voice,” even though it’s one of the few reality show competitions in which singing is not mandatory.

On the other hand, nearly 1/4 of the population who attended the Superbowl, the Olympic Games or the NBA Finals in the previous month (including the entire US) sang, while at least 1/9 of the population (10.4% of the population) watched or listened to a film.

These are all very interesting findings and quite fascinating. Unfortunately, White’s article fails to explain WHY he believes that more people, particularly the population that watches television (which is largely comprised of those in his age group) sing, then go on to watch movies or

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