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The answer is, we live in an age where most adults are able to sing. It’s one of the most popular interests of our great country. Most adults can sing any of the standard American songs. (You might have heard all the classics in the national anthem.) The question is, will your great-grandbears be able to sing the national anthem too? As it turns out, a recent study did find children as young as three can sing a portion of the national anthem.

But how age affects your ability to chant does have an effect on ability to sing the national anthem at a concert. There are two ways to determine whether adults are singing. First, one can ask them who they’d like to be and who they’d like to see on stage in front of them. Second, one can record the number of times each participant is singing the national anthem.

Here are three charts showing how popular each nation is in having more performers. The first shows the singing abilities based on those reported by people from every nation with more than one singing artist. Most of these nations sing only a partial part of their anthem, though Canada, with only eight players, has two. On the left, the United States (which has seven, but one is an official anthem singer and two of them are not considered performers). The countries shown on the right, are those with the fewest performers; there’s only one player from each of the five African nations. The color reflects how popular each nation is in performing: Purple countries are the most popular, blue are the second most popular, and green are the least popular.

You can see how popular the five least popular nations are in having less than a full chorus. The chart below shows the number of players of each nationality singing each anthem. It is a nice visual to see how the popularity of each country is divided based on the number of performers that speak at its songs. Notice how the least popular countries have only one of the five professional players: The Ivory Coast and Uganda. That makes their national anthems very weak.

The chart shows the popularity of the individual songs. The blue countries have the most players of each song, with the least popular countries having the fewest. The red countries are the most popular in having only one national anthem singer, and the green have the fewest. For the first time, the charts show who’s singing the most.
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But is it easy to determine who is singing the national anthem? That’s where the study

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