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It is quite common for beginners to sing without singing in tune. If you need to sing better and you already know how to produce an effective singing sound, then try singing in tune, without singing in tune. Do it in a small room – just take a piano with a high headboard and a wide back, and try singing a few bars. Take notes on what the notes sound like (and where you hit the strings and vice versa). When you’re feeling good, try adding a few more notes in your melody and try to sing more in tune. At first, if you sing out of tune and there are no notes at all, you will be annoyed, so try adding a few notes in your melody one by one. Do it with this scale as an example – let’s try to get a good feeling for what the scale sounds like.

The scale is as follows –

So there are a couple of important things in understanding any scales – the notes and the scale. With this scale, you must know how many notes there are per tone, and if the notes are just right to produce a good sounding sounding sound.

If you know, you can play the scale and play some bar of bar. It can also be heard as a musical scale, but if you don’t know, keep practicing.

Let’s try to understand this scale.

In the key we are going to play, C Major, the notes of the scale are as follows –

C# D# E F# G# A# Bb C

Notice how the notes, and not the pitches, are what decides the scale sound, so it all depends on whether one adds more notes in or out, and also on whether it is the same scale or a different one.

For example, the E major scale has the notes as (A – C – G – A – B). The notes at the 2nd and 9th fret (D and E) and in between are not the same sound! They are the key tones that define the scale, so to change the scale, you have to add an extra note at each key note as your ears hear the notes. If that extra note is in the same note as the key scale, your pitch is going to change too.

There is another scale that is called E flat major, or “Eb-major”. There are 5 notes, and 4 notes at the 4th fret are the same. The notes in the scale

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