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And where does the wind come from when they do it? Here we answer these questions and provide you a few ideas as to how cricket is played for fun.

When Are There Windstorms?

One of the first questions I ask of any amateur cricket player is “When is cricket?” It turns out there’s no universal answer, for that matter. Even with the best weather forecast, a few hours before a ball is to be struck, you’ll still have to make do with the best possible conditions you’ve got. If you’ve got a good game today, the wind can still blow you over when it matters, but, let’s face it, when weather forecasts change, some things can get really tricky.

If I was playing in a big league game, the conditions might have been nice, but the winds in the afternoon could be a real challenge. As it was, we decided to play against an eight-mile high wind outside. It took us all six games to play well enough against that strong wind.

The wind has to be able to reach the pitch, but that may not happen all at once. The surface can get quite different, depending on whether we throw a ball over and bounce, or if we wait until the ball goes past us. So while you can have a really good game, you’ll need to find a way to keep your ball cool as you throw it.

How Do Players Prepare Against Wind?

One approach is to use wind screens to block the wind. This is great when temperatures climb above 30° F. But I like baseball pitchers, because they don’t have these types of wind screens. It takes a bit of concentration just to keep the ball cool.

But there are plenty of other ways to keep the ball cool, too. If you’re playing in an evening game, if you’re playing on an empty pitcher, or in a weather that’s very dry, you don’t have to worry about your ball cooling. Just make sure it’s dry enough.

I also like throwing on artificial turf. The field is more durable, and you can usually get in some good shots.

Can You Throw On Windy Days?

While it’s not an everyday concern for a player, the weather can get pretty windy when the conditions are right. Here’s an interesting fact: when you throw a ball over the top, the ball will always get thrown toward the right side of the field.

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