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We tend to look at the game of cricket in isolation – why do pitchers hit? Or why does batting win baseball games?

That’s a good question.

In fact, more research on it should shed some light on these questions. But, until we can understand that, we can’t answer any of these questions.

So, where did this tradition come from?

It’s an interesting question, the answer is a mystery.

Why, you ask?

Well, one of the reasons that we have cricket is to enjoy a peaceful, non-competitive sport which has a very low injury rate among both players (both boys and girls) and spectators (the audience).

This is not because we love playing or enjoy watching sports. In fact, the opposite is most likely true. But it is because of the fact that it’s non-competitive.

In other words, the players and the audience want to watch the game, not play it.

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In other words – if a player is injured, the crowd won’t care.

The most popular sports in Britain are also very non-competitive. You may be surprised to find that golf and cricket are two of the more popular sports in this country.

And I’m sure you can get the same result with your favourite sport.

But it still does not explain how it started.

I’m not suggesting that people would throw a match if it were not competitive – I’m simply pointing out that that’s a good example of a game which is very competitive – and not very peaceful.

So why do pitchers hit?

Well, it could be because of natural selection to hit the ball on time. Or, it could be that hitting the ball is a form of social bonding, which is what we expect it to be.

You could also have had some psychological conditioning of pitchers in the game, such as:

A pitcher is told that throwing doesn’t hurt. So he expects he can hit a ball (the crowd is expecting it too) and hits it when there’s enough room. It’s not even to the ball, but closer to the umpire, the umpire expects the pitcher to hit the ball.

The difference between what the hitter is expecting and what he actually sees happens to him.

The crowd would have believed that if he actually hit the ball, he was a hitler.

So they wouldn’t have been mad for

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