Why do cricket pitchers run? – How To Sing A Song Perfectly In Hindi

(Laughing) They have never given a lot of thought to that. They just run. They run because the pitch is moving really quickly – so slow you can’t make any sense of it. It’s such a long ball. I haven’t seen any batsmen, either. They just take the ball straight into the helmet and get back onto the field in a hurry.

How much practice has been needed?

There is not much practice. I have been working on it for years. But I have never stopped. I have never played a one-day match without hitting a few balls. We don’t think that practice is important.

You’ve played plenty of Indian cricket – has it affected you at all?

It has, no doubt. I have just never played any other coloured ball. I have played all our English county cricket for the past two months – the county championships.

The whole point is that you do it because the ball is doing the thing it wants to do. It is very difficult for me to get to bat against a good spin bowler, because of the way the ball is. I have never played any other ball.

Is there a particular type of ball you dislike?

No, not at all. Any ball.

What is your preferred ball?

I go the way of the old cricketers – I prefer to have a good pace bowler, and not a fast bowling bowler. To go down to a fast bowling ball, I have to be able to find a good chance if it is there to swing in my favour – and then of course, the batsman must react in the same way.

Do you get tired of the old balls?

When I used to play with them, you used to say to your spin bowlers, “Don’t bother with these big old balls, just have a good run and you will get a nice wicket in the morning, or a good wicket in the afternoon if the ball is right and the batsman reacts correctly.”

Is it possible to pick a good ball at any time?

You never know. I can’t guarantee it will help any one or all ones. But I can guarantee you – if you make a change it is good to hit it – and try to get the ball to your desired pitch.

Does it take any skill to play Test cricket?

Not really. Any fast bowling – bowler or bats

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