Can I teach myself ukulele? – Easy Ukulele Songs With Chord Diagrams

I will do more research into ukulele as an education. I do also have an aptitude for music composition which is important during my classes. I teach the kids how to play ukulele as well, and it’s a perfect combination of hands of study in a small setting, and my love of music. I always have new things for our students to learn. You are right, I should get a degree in Music!

Do students from different countries take their ukulele lessons at the same time?

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I teach to all.

Have you ever heard that ukulele is the same as playing the cello?

Oh! There is an old saying, that ukulele is the cello of the world, or something along those lines. I can’t remember what I read on this, but it sounds quite correct to me.

How many people can a piano make?

How many can the cello? How many can make another piano?

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