Can you play any song on ukulele? – How To Learn Guitar Chords

A. I can play all the songs I want.

Q. What do you want to be the main singer in a band?

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A. I want to be the main singer. (laughs)

Q. Tell me about your last concert in Japan. When did you have the chance to come back to Japan?

A. It was in August. We came back with the Japanese fans and a few of us stayed there until after a break so we could eat a good meal together. It turned out we had to eat in a restaurant in Okinawa. It was very delicious. It was a surprise meeting a lot of Japanese fans.

Q. I want to ask a personal question. You are a well known musician and have a good reputation among your fans. But I have a question about Japanese songs. What are the kinds of songs you like?

A. The only real song I like is, “Merry Christmas” by The Beatles, with Phil Spector.

Q. Tell me your opinions on Japanese songs?

A. A lot of songs in Japanese are quite good, but I don’t like bad songs. I really like the song “Yamato Yako wo Motta” (Yoko Ono’s version). I can’t put it in this album I’m going to write. Sorry. (laughs) There are songs that are just too harsh to put into a CD.

Q. You have several fans in Japan. Who is the one who’s your favorite idol to sing for, and who is the one you dislike the most?

A. The one that I actually have a good relationship with in Japan is Kano Yukichi, who is the second leading singer in The Big Bang and who writes the lyrics.

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