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Our pick is the Lush U2CU. The small, lightweight ukulele, which features a bright white finish, is an instrument for any musician. It offers a simple and responsive sound. Available in a large or small variety of colours, textures and tonal tones, the Lush U2CU can be paired with a standard acoustic guitar, ukulele or bass for an acoustic and a full-on digital performance.

This is an excellent pick for anyone working in the studio on classical, jazz, blues, soul, rock and classical recordings.

Uke with a twist and feel is a good choice for an audio session and it’s also very easy to move around a room by sliding the uke right side out from the head stock by hand. It can accommodate up to 18mm strings, so you can mix and match different sounds.
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A big surprise to many, the Yamaha U2CU has been acclaimed for their versatility for many years and is now on offer for your complete sonic adventure.

Whether we have what you need here?

You can check out our selection of uke’s here on Amazon.

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