How can I practice my ukulele quietly? – How To Teach Ukulele Lessons

Most people can hear a good ukulele playing (and/or playing badly) with just a good pair of ears. However, some people find it hard to hear the music on a low volume, especially if the sound is from a low volume. To improve your noise-cancelling technology, you don’t need much in the way of headphones – just put your headphones in front of you and turn them up or down. Turned down headphones should be OK. You should have plenty of space to play.

The sound that I hear on my ipod, is it better quality and clearer than the low end?

In order to compare audio, you need your headphones hooked up in the same way as we do – with a good pair of speakers – to see what kind of sound quality is produced. So just make sure that you have headphones you like.

Should I listen to music while driving by ear?

You should be able to listen to a lot of music under very noisy conditions, just about any time without your eyes focusing on the road, but you should not listen while driving. This is not because you are not able to hear a great deal of sounds, but because it is very hard to make up some of the distance travelled and you need to be alert. You should not think about the driver behind you, you must drive at the speed limit, because it’s much harder to make up time. In any case, you cannot always make up the distance, at least not on the highway.

A study from the Netherlands in 1997, showed that driving at night produces the lowest sound quality when listening to music.

On the other hand, drivers who drive under the influence of drugs and sleep problems do have higher sound quality, even if they are not in an accident.

Do I need headphones on my car?

Yes, especially when driving if you drive by the radio, and even if you have headphones already on. To know the audio quality in your car depends on what you are listening to, what the volume is, and where you are sitting in the car. As you can see by the picture, I sit right beside the front bumper of the car. When I sit far from the front bumper, I can hear a little bit more from the rear driver’s seat. You can get a little bit more sound quality on your own, but you may find that there is quite a lot more to listen to too.

I have an iPad

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