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I’ll try and answer your question in two parts

How to start learning the ukulele

The ukulele requires about 6 hours to learn, although some can be mastered much sooner. Some common skills and vocabulary are learned in a couple of days or weeks. Most ukulele teachers will encourage beginners to take as little time as possible, but also admit that some very basic skills can be learnt in 30, 60, 90 mins a day.

Some of the most important ukuleler vocabulary you have to know are the following, which I’ve been able to list below:


Tops is a basic and essential ukulele technique which combines two major notes to sound the notes on your string

You can apply three to play “The F” sound.

You can use a three-tone technique to make the “O” sound, you need to know three notes. You need to apply both notes to get the “O”.

You can play chords using three to play a “C” chord.

You use a “C” while playing an “o” string to play an “F”.


Tonal refers to the way the strings vibrate, which gives the sound of a specific note. Most of the time a single string vibrates at a certain frequency, but there are many strings that have different frequencies.

“Punching” is the principle behind the ukulele, a technique whereby you hit each string in turn so that the notes on the same string are not touched. This is most common at 12th fret when you hit the fifth string first.

Divergent note:

This is the difference between the first and second string. You need to know this to play different chord progressions.


The way the string vibrates between strings is different. For instance there are notes on the top and bottom strings that vibrate at different speeds.
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Tune your ukulele to find the notes on your uke

There’s a ukulele tuner on many ukulele makers website where you can tune your ukulele to play different notes.

How to learn ukulele tunes?

Now we’ve covered the ukulele basics, it will be time to move on to some more interesting topics. I’m going to include a

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