How much does a good ukulele cost? – How To Learn Guitar Fast With Rocksmith Xbox

If you want an affordable ukulele the basic standard ukulele will set you back £50-80, but that doesn’t mean they are cheap or that is it just cheaper than a piano! Here’s our guide for finding the best ukulele for each price range.

Budget ukes can be bought cheaper on the internet than you might be able to get their quality for. For this reason it’s a good idea to take advantage of the great deals on ukuleles online in the UK, but remember that the prices can change all the time so use these information wisely!

Basic Ukulele

This is the most basic type of ukulele you can get in the UK. For this type of standard ukulele you will find this one at most major department stores, such as Boots. This uke also has the benefit of being easy to play due to its easy to bend string.

Uke for Beginners

The first time you use it it will be very easy and you will be surprised how good you will sound when you play it. You will probably make a few mistakes and have difficulty understanding the instructions, but this will all be easily fixed by using a good uke player to help you practice.

Classical Ukulele

The classical uke can be used for classical music, and although the classical ukulele does lack a bridge, there are many fine ukes like the Martin D-15 and E-15 that have all the features of the classical ukulele in a cheaper price-range.

Classical Ukulele Price Range

It is possible to find a great classical uke for under £50 using the prices shown here. These ukes are typically more expensive than the cheapest standard ukuleles when first purchased in the UK.

The classical ukulele also lacks a bridge but other than that these are very good ukes at a low price-point.

What is the difference between a classical fretboard and the fretboard on a piano?

Just like how different ukuleles have different sizes of strings, different styles of wooden ukuleles have different fretboard configurations as well.

The fretboard is the surface that the strings sit on in your uke. It has many different options for the size and shape of the fretboard, which make it all the more important to get the correct fretboard

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