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Here's a ukulele fret map I made. Thought it might help ...
A ukulele is one of the easiest instruments to repair. The ukulele is a very small and light instrument, especially compared to a bass guitar. There is very little to replace and it also has a very low maintenance cost, which is why you would be surprised how many new strings you can buy. For a complete list of strings and how to fix them, head over to our guide to buying new strings.

If you have a ukulele, you will need a tuner for the bridge and strings. Some ukuleles have the ability to have a tuner in their mouthpiece or tuner cover, or you can get them as accessories. The most important tuner on the market is usually one that has four rings. We recommend the Freret and Strymon UKU-500, and they are the most affordable tuners.

The frets, neck, and bridge are what’s important, not the tuner. To get a good playing ukulele, you need to have a clean looking bridge, and frets that are wide enough for your fingers. If you are wondering what frets you need to have to play ukulele right, we recommend the EMT-500 tuners. You only need 7mm (US) frets since all the strings have a flat pitch, but if you need to get your ukulele played with wider frets, some other tuners could be helpful. We have a post up for some of the most widely available tuners.

What kind of neck, fretboard, and nut do ukuleles have?

A ukulele is an instrument for playing music. A ukulele’s neck has a small fingerboard, which is curved into a half circle, which is used to play the chords and scales of traditional ukulele music. Most ukuleles have some sort of “stringboard” covering around the fretboard, and a fretting surface for the frets. Some have additional fretting surfaces on the lower side of the fretboard and some have a special frets for each scale or chord you can play. When you play chords, you tend to play each note on the frets as a whole, so you tend to get notes of each chord on your fretboard as well.

The frets should be wide enough to put finger tips under for comfortable playing, but not too wide around to make your hands

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