How much does a ukulele cost? – How To Learn Ukulele Strum Pattern Train Toddler

This could be your answer. We can help with this, too. All the parts for your ukulele are included in our store.

How is an ukulele made? The ukulele is made by hand in the UK, from locally sourced wood, then finished in our workshops in England.

Is there a warranty? We’re sorry, but we can’t offer protection for any damage that you might suffer during your stay.

What does it sound like? Our ukuleles are unique, and quite expressive. They come in traditional acoustic/acoustic/electronic, string, and metal versions. Depending on which version you choose, they will have different tones from the original piano ukulele. This is why we call it a custom-designed ukulele.

Who’s behind the brand? The brand is created by Dave Broughton, owner of the British Guitar Supply business. Dave Broughton was previously employed as a musician before founding Gibson, whose history you may have seen in The Beatles Movie. Dave Broughton also studied at the Royal Academy of Music and was a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

What do you offer at Woodwinds? If you want to pick up a ukulele, you can trust Woodwinds. Our ukulele store is staffed by expertly trained musicians. We have a large range of ukuleles in stock. A lot of people don’t realise that ukuleles take time to build, and then spend much time on final assembly, including tuning and honing. When you take your hands on one of our ukuleles, you can be assured that it will last for many years.

What you get with a Woodwinds ukulele? Woodwinds customers also get a range of products in other Woodwinds stores too – see the ‘Other Woodwinds products’ tab and the ‘About Woodwinds’ tab for more info.

Can I have your woodwinds shipped to me? We can ship to all countries worldwide. But when ordering online, you’ll only see countries where your country is on our shipping map. If your country is not shown there will be a red checkmark next to ‘send by’.

Do you ship to Australia? Most of our ukuleles are assembled and shipped to Australia. However, we provide a choice of shipping options. For more information about shipping or

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