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A decent ukulele will likely cost about $150 (for a 10’5″ and a 45-45′ scale), or $250 on the new scale. It may sound a lot, but it’s much less than it was a few years ago. If you’re used to buying a $6 or $7 ukulele that you’re not even sure you can use and are trying to decide between $400 and $500, you may be surprised at how much less you’re spending if you know what’s around the next corner.

Here are some other items worth considering, including a pair of good-quality tuners, a good string guard and some good wood for a good fit:

The Ukulele

The good news is that it is possible to customize a well made ukulele for less than $600 – that’s for a 15-15′ ukulele, to put it in perspective.

The bad news is that buying a uke is a large and complex purchase, and requires extensive study, and a lot of money. If you know you want the ukulele, you should get an expert on uke construction, and read everything you can about ukulele strings, picking, tuning, construction, safety, sound, string tension, etc.

If you’re using a budget uke as a starting point (like the Uke-Pit from our sister site, Ukulele Magazine, which we’ve made available for those looking to add a uke to their own collection), then you know your uke will need to cost about $300 – $400 to complete, plus a $50-100 to install new materials – a great deal of money no matter which uke you decide to learn to play.

So if you can get the right quality and finish, I think you’ve made a good choice. If you’re more likely to be spending a lot of money, then you can invest in learning how to tune your ukulele and get a custom fit – but it’ll take more than that!

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