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I started learning my ukulele at the end of 2011. Since then I’ve been playing most weeknights from 7–9.

Do you prefer playing on a stage or in the classroom?

I prefer playing in the classroom since people are more familiar with the instrument. I’m also very familiar with the ukulele since my uncle taught me many times during high school and college. I haven’t yet learned a lot about the instruments other than ukulele. Also I’m not a very big fan of the sound quality of the ukulele which I think comes down to its thin sound and how easy it is to get a bad tuner. I also find that many of the songs on a live show are very clean with clean and simple sounds. This would make me feel confident in my playing. I would rather listen to a show than make a decision about which uke to play.

What is your favorite ukulele?

My favorite uke is the Nambu.

Do you have a favorite ukulel teacher?

I would most rather not speak for another teacher since they might be bad. I would like to say that most of my teachers are great because they were born, and continue their education at all levels. I know of some good teachers that I’ve attended as well.

Do you go to a tonal concert?

I rarely go at all since I love it when I hear great music and good music playing. I do try to go at least once every few months to a concert.

How would you describe your style of playing? (I’m writing that at the moment!)

I don’t think there is one style of playing that fits all musicians and doesn’t need fine tuning. Although I think a lot of people who learn ukulele and play guitar tend to be slightly more melodic and rhythmic than an average person. I don’t think most people play ukulele the same as my friend who plays the guitar. I believe people learn in a completely different way.

What instruments was your mother’s family and her friends instruments?

My grandmother’s parents were musicians who taught me to play their instruments, but I’m not sure if they played ukulele or string instruments. My mom’s dad was quite the artist, but I don’t know if he was playing on ukulele or string instruments.

Who taught you

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