Is fingerpicking harder than strumming? – Ukulele Chords

It turns out that every technique requires some degree of finger dexterity.

This means the techniques you use for fretting and strumming are all different because your fingers have different ranges of movement. When you play two chords together or two different chords, your fingers have to switch to a different range on most, if not all of their fretting functions.

What does this mean?

That means that the only way to learn any given finger technique is to try it out several times with minimal finger pressure. If you don’t feel comfortable trying it, then you should stop practicing it altogether, no matter how easy your finger pressure is.

Even when practicing finger technique, you have to be careful not to over-do it. If you’re playing for an hour straight, and you try using more than just one finger, it could get very repetitive. This could be difficult to overcome after only a few attempts. If you take my advice, and learn more simple techniques, you should see a big improvement in your skill and dexterity.

What kind of music does fingerpicking excel in?

Fingerpicking is often used for jazz or blues, but guitarists use fingers to play many other styles and styles of music; many are named fingerstyle and include jazz, blues, and rock.

The key is to find a style of music you enjoy playing with fingers, and that fits well with your style. If you have an established liking for a style of music, then you should find it enjoyable to play.

If you’re playing in a bar, and a group of musicians show up and start playing in finger style, then you might be surprised how well you do! You might just feel a deep connection to that style of music and your fingers will thank you.

Fingerpicking Is Easy – Are You Ready To Try It Out At Home?

If you’re ready to try fingerpicking, then I am happy to advise you to take me to a place that does fingerpick lessons. I have a local fingerstyle studio in London called the Strummer Studio.

The lessons are free, and they do not have any price requirements (I pay you a small percentage of your pay, so you should never ever feel pressured to pay more than 10% of your income).

I recommend taking one of these lessons a week and doing several sessions, starting with the first week.

This is your chance to try fingerpicking at home, without any special equipment

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