Is flute harder than violin? – Learn Ukulele Online Uk

No, I don’t think so.

If the flute is easier to play than the violin – no. For one thing, in my opinion the flute is not the same instrument as this violin: it is more similar to an upright piano; and, for the same reason, it plays with much more control. Its volume, the flute’s overall sound, that’s more controllable. It can be a little less pleasing to the ear, but so what? It will sound what you want. It’s a piano.
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You can always ask me – my name’s on the flute, not yours, right?

Of course.

I think it does sound good with a violin.

Yes, well, I always say it’s like a little violin, a little violin. But it is much more versatile.

How do you prepare for this show that you’re putting out?

We’re very lucky that we get quite a large audience for our concerts, so it means that the things that we are going to do – things that people listen to over and over for a long time – are going to play at that size.

What is it about the flute you like to emphasize?

In the beginning, it was that I loved how you could actually use my instrument to add a little bit of realism to the music and that the music could be a bit higher than the orchestral concert. When I started experimenting with the saxophone, that was another thing which got into my head, the idea of just using the instrument for a little extra sound, a little extra texture and also for really dynamic movements, like an orchestra. I think the flute has been very good for doing that.

Do you ever consider a return to the brass instruments?

Yeah, I do try to consider the possibility. There are certain things like the brass instrument which I could do, but not the flute, because those instruments are not available today. And then there’s the idea of the flute, which I’ve always wanted to do, but I couldn’t. I think if I did the flute, you know, I could use a string section or brass or something like that.

How exactly would you do it?

I’m thinking, a flute and a string section, and maybe, just for the sake of the idea, just using our very old-fashioned sound generator. Like a very classical sounding sound

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