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It is a question that is often asked when someone asks, “How do you get faster?” You can get quicker and better with harmonica and electric guitar because you are learning the piano in parallel with your guitar. But if you are playing the piano in your free-flowing way, with no regard for what other instruments are going on at any given time, then it is quite hard to get up the energy that harmonica requires. The key to the sound is in the combination of the two instruments that you practice with – for that matter, any chord or melody you do not know but can learn by memorizing it – harmonica and guitar. You must have a basic understanding of both. In my book, you learn to play harmonica and you learn to play guitar. You don’t need a teacher to tell you to play at any time. If you know what a chord is from the back of your neck, you can play it without thinking. In harmonica you can’t play chords on the first note of a chord and the first note of a chord and also on the last note of a chord but you can still apply the principle that applies in the case of a chord that has no second note. The more you practice playing chords with harmonica, the more you learn how to use all the intervals from the first note of a chord to the last note of the same chord without thinking and without needing to change your rhythm. And this is something that you can do with any instrument. When the harmony is in tune, it must sound out in stereo. You can play different chords in different ways, and the best way is playing with a group of musicians. So, harmonica and guitar will get you the most, but if you have to travel a lot in the mountains to get to the places that you live in where there are no instruments, or you don’t have a harmonica and a big bass that you can put on the stage, then you should start thinking about your piano and playing harmonica. You don’t need a teacher or a band to do this, because you have already learned how to mix the instrument at home and you can master it in the same way. If you want to master what you have learned without a professional teacher, then you can play only what you play regularly with. When you play with a group of musicians, you can mix different instruments. So when you play a lot of harmonica and not too often with a drummer, for instance, then you can teach yourself how to play a
10 Tips How to Play the Guitar with Good Technique

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