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This question often comes up in discussion around how to best perform a given technique using various styles of music. For example, in the discussion around the technique below for playing a D minor chord, a lot of the comments focus on the fact that “oud” is harder to play than D. While it could be seen as a criticism, it is actually not. In a chord progression, the difficulty for each chord is determined by its sound, and the more harmonically complex a chord, the less challenging it will actually be. This is one way of looking at “hardness.” Another way to understand “hardness” is that it depends on the nature of the notes in those chords. Chord changes that are more harmonically complex (such as the one below, where G, b4, Dm7, and 4 are played in unison), are considered “easier” than chord changes that are less complex (such as the one below, where G, b3 and Dm7 are played in a different way).

Eb7, F#7, Em7. There are two things that you will notice here: A) The chord progression is Dm7 (Bb) Bb and Em7 (Bb) Bb and Em7. The two chord tones are Bb and Bb (because they both start on the 1st and 3rd frets) and Em7, because Em is added to both Bb and Em7. So while it may seem like this chord progressions are harder than those above it, it doesn’t mean they are harder. They can be, but the difficulty of playing this chord progression will depend upon the note values and chord tones needed to use the melody in it. B) There is a small change in chord structure (C#9/Dm7). A change in these chord values has never been discussed when discussing a D minor chord in any traditional music theory context. I suppose I can make the argument that it is not the same chord change, and therefore there is no difference in meaning, but that doesn’t address the other two notes: the minor 3rd of a chord and the major 3rd that is the root of a chord. Again, it really comes down to the note value of the chord chord, as well as chord melody. So the chord changes don’t actually need to be changed, but the melody of the chord changes.
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