Is Piano easier than guitar? – Learn The Guitar Free Online

Yes, piano has more parts, and therefore plays more notes.

Do you find practicing by ear more rewarding?

Yes, I find it a lot more satisfying to play the songs on the piano.

What’s your opinion of the current state of piano training in the U.S.?

Pianists are getting better and better. But piano training is still a labor-intensive and expensive hobby.

Do you find it useful to learn music with other adults?

This is a good question. I have a couple of adult friends who are very experienced with the piano, but they have no musical background themselves so it’s tough for me to relate with them in terms of teaching them, or hearing them play a new tune. It’s easier for some of the other kids I work with.

How do you find it fun or enjoyable to play the guitar?

It’s a lot of fun, for sure. I really don’t know. It just feels like you’re able to express yourself in more ways.

Does anyone ever tell you something that you didn’t already know about the piano?

You have to keep asking questions and keep learning to ask the right questions at the right times.

Tell me a story about working with your teacher.

Well, my teacher used to be a really sweet, wonderful lady‚Ķ well, not really that nice to me. But one of them was in this band and she was really nice. She was really wonderful at everything. I had a couple of musical partners who were awesome at the piano and she wasn’t in a band but she was a little bit like me and one of them was doing this amazing thing of using the piano soloist as a drummer. But they were both really amazing. And she was pretty sweet and it turned out better that they did. And I loved that they were doing that.

Was she a musician?

Yeah, she was a musician.

What was the story about?

It wasn’t important at the time, so the song is not important.

What’s the story about when you were playing for her?

She had been playing piano for a while but when her partner decided to quit she was playing more in a band.

So that was kind of a cool story?

Absolutely. We also played in a local house band in college. There were really nice people playing the instruments and it was really exciting. We played

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