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Not really. You can still pick out a few of the guitar-like sounds in the chorus (especially when you listen to it in headphones) but it just gets so quiet during the instrumentals that you miss those vocal lines. This is definitely a song you won’t want to listen to if you only have a guitar!

If you’re a fan of the guitar style and want to listen to a song that gets you excited about singing, it’s time to try Out of the Blue.

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If you want to enjoy a simple, fun, upbeat song with simple guitar and an interesting chord progression, check out Derelict, featuring Jake Eberle.

If you’re looking to find some great tunes for a solo, look no further than the single titled “Skipping Stones.”

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Basic Guitar Chord Finger Placement for Beginners
This song is absolutely gorgeous. It has everything that you’d want from a single in terms of simplicity, rhythm and music quality.

If you’re looking for something sweet, romantic and fun to listen to, check out “Auld Lang Syne.”

For a little more classic country, try “Folsom Prison Blues” or “The Old Blue Eyes.”

It’s not an instrumental, but these are definitely good little ballads that feel so much like your own personal favorite tunes, they almost remind you of your own song list on iTunes.

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The songwriter of “All In My Head” is one of our favorite songwriters, so we thought it was appropriate to give the song a shout out.

Here’s a song that is a great choice for an end of the week jam session.

We love this classic, upbeat tune with a bit of a cowboy feel. It’s one of the most famous tunes to ever be played live thanks to Buddy Guy, and it’s also a great song for a quick jam session.

This song is great for both guitar and vocals, and it’s great for a little warm up before a hot summer morning.

If you want a bit of a country song that is full of licks and good guitar licks but without some of the high school vocals, check out the very country number “Mama Said

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