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If you have a friend who’s an all or nothing student, you can make them play you, or try to be creative and see what happens…they’ll be a little more open to learning the different kinds of music. And I think for ukulele players it’d be hard to learn anything outside of their own repertoire.

What is a good ukulele pattern? Does it have to be a specific pattern, or can you take bits and pieces from other ukulele tunes?

So if you don’t play it yourself or are not very good I’m sure it’d be a bad thing to just do it, as that’s how many teachers are. I think it’s useful to be able to learn ukulele patterns, or try new music and see how that works, but if you’re just a beginner it’s best if you’re on your own and play what you can play. That way you can get the idea across rather than just repeating other people.

If you do a lot of work on each tune, it’s the most good stuff you can learn when you’re trying things. Try your best to pick the best stuff for each tune.

I was reading an article about the new ukulele in Japan where someone compared it to a violin. Is the ukulele like the violin? How does it sound?

Uke’s definitely a step up so there’s always going be more to learn. For example, some ukulele tunes only sound like a guitar, and others make your mouth want to curl up in pain. So there’s a lot to learn.

My wife is an avid ukulele player. What music styles do you listen to?

I only have one guitar, so I’d like to do whatever’s good for me. However, I try to pick up the new music that’s going on and that’s often the most interesting stuff to listen to. I like to have different options to choose from when listening to music.

What instrument do you use the least? Why?

I haven’t been playing the ukulele since my teens. I’m fairly fit, however, so some of my least-used instruments could be a banjo of some sort.

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Any special tricks or secrets to playing guitar?

Sometimes ukulele playing can be a bit hard, and when something isn’t working it’s easy to just play something harder. I actually

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