Is ukulele easier than piano? – Health Benefits Of Playing A Ukulele

Yes 😀

A: I like playing classical piano and I’m sure my brother could too. It’s no harder to play on an ukulele than piano though and I would recommend it to other pianist.

Q: Do you play ukulele or what?

A: I have no plans of learning to play ukulele.

JK is the only word. I have no more ukulele now.

Crazy JK has no plans to learn to play ukulele.

Q: Are you a composer or just musician?

A: I like to compose and have played instruments on the guitar before.
The Ultimate Guide to Ukulele Strings for Beginners

I’m also an independent contractor which means I’m not actually working for a company or any corporation.

Q: Which instruments are your favorite to play?

A: I love strings because you don’t have to change out the tune when you use them.

The same goes for the ukulele.

Q: What’s the best way to practice?

A: I usually practice on the beach. In my home town in Finland, I got a chance to play my first gig on a large beach in 2011 with a friend of mine I’ve known for a few years. I was really excited about that and I was able to impress him with my abilities using only ukulele and a bunch of songs.

My favorite instrument/s is the ukulele but any one that I can play any part without a hitch is good enough for me. I guess most people know me as a concert pianist but that doesn’t mean I’m not also a competent keyboard player. I use my ukulele for all kinds of music.

Q: When do you write or produce?

A: Whenever I have a break.

Q: What’s your biggest musical inspiration?

A: I try to listen to a lot of music on repeat to keep me awake when I’m asleep. Music from Japan and Taiwan have been a huge influence.

Q: You just played with my band, Why Uke, what kind of music do you play? It was awesome and very nice to meet uke like this!

A: I like playing the same tune over and over again, that’s why I’m also known for “Kamishii” or “Kamishii” which I often perform all over

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