Is ukulele easier than piano? – How To Learn Guitar Chords Quickly In Spanish

I cant play any piano.

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Answer : There are many possible answers to this question:

A – You can certainly play the octave octatonic scale on a keyboard. You just have to remember the names of all the notes.

B – You can do it, but it makes little sense to a classical musician.

C – Maybe. You can play the scale, but you don’t know it.

How can I learn what keys do what on a piano? This is what I hear all the time from musicians who can’t work out a proper method to work out key combinations.

Answer: The keyboard is like a door. If you open up the door, the contents of the “hall” will spill out.

There are many keys on the keyboard:

One key – The octave A key

One key – The octave B key

One key – The octave C key

One key – The octave D key

And also there are many different tuning methods that a pianist can use including major, major ii-V, minor, natural minor, flat, diminished, natural minor pentatonic, chromatic, barre and others.

A great example of a composer who wrote many concertos using this system was Mozart. For a more complete description of how a piano works, see this article.

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