Is ukulele harder than guitar? – How To Learn Ukulele Strum Patterns

When I first started learning to play ukulele I was shocked at how difficult it was compared to guitar. You don’t need a full band to play ukulele.

I tried several songs from an ukulele album. In order to play a song I will have to move my finger across a bunch of strings, there are many chords and scales to do this. In my ukulele albums I have covered 3 hours of music. But to play one song on guitar I will be very tired. Not only that but when I play ukulele I will never forget this one song.

So the first step towards learning ukulele is to find an ukulele that you like and buy one. It will be interesting to see how easy it really is, not just how difficult it really is.

As you get better you don’t have to try each song you are going to learn all over again. The best way is to learn one song that you already like and master it very well.

If i get good enough at each one for you and that is at least 30 minutes practice then I can give you a hint

One thing that will help you with ukulele is to practice songs that you will want to teach your son when he is getting older to sing (not necessarily to teach how to sing). I will never forget songs like ‘Let It Go’ in ‘It Don’t Come Easy’ and ‘It’s Only Rock and Roll’ in ‘If You Love Me’.

When I taught my daughter to sing she always played it when she was happy. So it’s important to master songs like these and you will gain a better understanding.

I also recommend learning to sing along to songs that you already know that are good for the voice and are fun. I have also learnt when I had to learn the chords and scales because I couldn’t read the chords easily.

A good ukulele song to learn

If these suggestions sound like some kind of nonsense then I would say that they are not. But in reality they are the real reason you should learn ukulele.

The songs mentioned above give you the idea of what a good ukulele song is. I will try to provide a few examples (the last thing you need is practice) of music with ukulele songs (listen to ‘Let It Go’ and ‘It’s Only Rock and Roll

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