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If you want to learn how to play an instrument that can be played by the naked eyes, the ukulele is where it’s at. Here are the key features that make the ukulele a wonderful instrument to learn:

The ukulele is a compact, lightweight instrument that you can play for hours

It’s portable (this means you can store it in a bag and carry it wherever you need it

Even though you may want to play with other people (or sit next to one to play with) the sound and quality is excellent, making it ideal for playing with children and other musicians without getting tired or distracted

There is no need to be a pro at playing an instrument

The ukulele is a portable instrument that you can carry in your bag so you can play anywhere

There are many ukulele lessons available online, some for children such as the YouTube ukulele lesson below and all of which are based on what the ukulele is really about.

Video: Using a Ukulele for Kids

How to get a Ukulele

There are many ways to buy ukulele, including online, at a music store, through a dealer and at a local music store.

The type of ukulele you buy will depend on the parts you require, but you can find parts for most instruments here on YouTube from the makers they make the ukulele for.

What parts should I get?

If you are trying to learn to play an instrument for the first time, it’s worth finding out exactly what parts you will need. Most are pretty cheap and you should find what you like at the store.

What do the components of a ukulele look like when they’re broken down?

Check out my video below to see more about all the major parts in a ukulele. You can also look at the parts list above.

What ukulele makers make?

The ukulele maker is the person or company who designs and produces new instruments for sale on a daily basis. If you want to learn ukulele, the first thing to check out is the makers here at YouTube. Find out whose ukulele you like the best.

How to play an ukulele
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There are many types of ukulele that can be used on stage, and

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