Should I use a pick with my ukulele? – Learn How To Play The Ukulele Online Tuning School

It’s a good idea to do just that. To make sure you have the right pick, use the same techniques used to pick a violin, and take some of the weight off the left side. For instance, to make a pick larger, try wrapping it in a towel. If your pick is too big, you can reduce the amount of tension you’re putting on the pick by using a different pick, or if your pick is too small, you can trim the top of the pick to decrease the amount of tension you’re putting on the pick. Don’t stretch!

Can I use my ukulele?

Well, yes. Of course…if your ukulele is made of wood, and your uke is made of steel or copper. However, if there is any chance of it getting scratched or otherwise damaged while you’re playing, you could make a pick out of a similar material, so just get one, and the damage won’t be in your ukulele anyway. There has been some debate about how much protection metal ukes actually should have because of their high strength (compared to wood ukes that weigh less than steel ukes and are made of plastic or rubber) and because metal ukes come at the expense of durability. A good rule of thumb is that if you’re going to play with it on, it needs to be good enough so that just one drop of water won’t dent it. But don’t just throw it away just because you think the pick was made of metal.
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Is my ukulele worth it?

Yes, absolutely! It feels, looks great, looks cool, is comfortable, and is fun! Even people who don’t play or sing will get a kick out of using a pick with their ukulele, and it’s easy to make your pick stand out on a kazoo (or a bar).

How often should I pick my pick?

Pick your pick once or twice per second. Don’t pick at night, when you have to sleep. Pick as fast as you can so that you actually get an action at any given moment! If your pick feels awkward, your sound will be choppy.

How much tension do I need on my pick?

If it’s got any potential for wear, get a pick with more weight on the bottom so that it feels more solid.

How much tension do I need to use on my pick?


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