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If you know how to use your credit card on the internet, you’re probably already familiar with the term, ‘card’

What You Need to Know About Credit Card Fraud
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Credit card fraud is the process used by criminals to obtain access to your personal financial information in order to make a payment to a bank, credit card processing corporation, retailer or merchant.

Credit cards are usually used to purchase goods and services. The most common form of fraud consists of individuals who steal your credit card information in order to illegally obtain goods or services worth less than they originally paid for. You won’t see your name, address or any other information stolen from your card.

Many people know how to protect themselves against the most widespread form of credit card fraud – the stolen credit card fraud.

There are several strategies you can use to detect when your credit or debit card information has been stolen.

1. Learn to Read Credit Card Numbers

When you are at a register, tell the cashier you’re going to use your card for something. It may sound strange, but you will have your information recorded.

The easiest way to use a credit card is to find out what you are using it for. Look around the register, check the card or use your phone to locate a card reader.

2. Do Not Use Your Credit Card when It Is in Your Pocket

Keep your credit card in your pocket and never touch it. If someone tries to access it, they will be surprised. If you need access to your card, just show it to anyone who asks for it.

3. Never Leave The Store Without Your Card

Always carry your credit card with you. If you leave without it, there is a good chance someone will be able to pick up your information.

If you want to use an ATM or debit card to buy any type of goods or services, or if you want to purchase any goods or services from retailers or any other store, you are best off using a credit card.

You can access a list of merchants on the National Retail Federation’s website. It’s helpful to find out what products you can buy from them on Visa. It may take a few weeks of research before a merchant decides they have your type of credit card.

4. Avoid Spending On Your Credit Card During the

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