What is the difference between a concert and tenor ukulele? – Simple Ukulele Chord Chart

Here’s an excerpt from a review of a music review which I was sent:

A concert ukulele is much like a jazz guitar. It has a neck that makes the voice work into the strings for a very nice, rich sound, and a body that allows the strings to move comfortably into the upper register. The body is thin and flat for a more classic sound, but the neck is thicker and more solid, giving it a more “toothed” sound. This is a pretty good and easy comparison: The body, neck, and sound of the guitar are all in the same ballpark, and are all similar to each other. There are a few differences. The first is in the construction. The necks of concert ukuleles do not have neck slots or “nicks”. A note taper that’s just below the strings, instead has a groove. But the string-through-the-body movement of the strings is just as important as the taper. This means that if it weren’t for the strings bouncing back and forth with the action of the body, the string in the middle wouldn’t be on the string-through-the-body action. It’s this movement which allows string to play more harmonically.

Now back to the tenor ukulele. The neck and body both have the “tapered” sound in the same ballpark as jazz ukuleles, not as similar. The only difference is that the tenor’s neck isn’t flat. The neck tapers and then just slides out of the end plate, into the strings. They move a little bit at the edge, before coming into the string guide at the back of the neck. (I’m not sure if this is due to the taper and the way the string guide works, or the neck tapers and tapers only just after the tension of the strings.) This means that there’s less string movement to take into account when you play into the tenor neck and strings. Also, the body has a lot more flexibility than a jazz guitar. You can bend the string and move it on its own. This makes the tenor’s sound more lively and open, and gives the tenor more natural string movement.

What’s the difference between a ukulele and tenor guitar?

Ok, now what is a ukulele really? Here’s a good video by a good ukulele player:

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