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A fast way to switch chords on a ukulele.

There are a few ways to switch chords on a ukulele. To go straight from one chord to another, simply add your new chord and your previous chord to those in the key of the new chord. For example, if a ukulele was played along with a C major 7th chord, you would play a b77/b9 minor chord. To switch from one major chord to another, use your B augmented 7th chord (B7) with your E diminished 6th chord (E6). The easiest way to use this method is with the B7 chord, the Bm7 chord, the A augmented 7th chord (B7), the Em7 chord, which means that you can use either chord in the key of any chord in order to play a chord. To learn this method, see “7-Chord Chord-Switching” on Page 2.

To switch chords in a ii V I chord progression, if you start and stop in a key with a b7.b9, then the first chord in the progression is Cmaj7b9/F7. To switch to the other key, simply use B/Bb7 and/or Bbmaj7/E7.

How should I play a G#minor chord?

A G#minor chord is used to fill out a diminished seventh (Gb) chord in major key. Learn when and how to change chords in the key of G minor with these seven chords.

To change chords in your G minor ii V I chord-sequence, you will first need to know when to use which chord in Gminor.

When to use an A augmented 7th chord.

Before you begin using the A7 chord, be aware that the following chord is not a dominant seventh (A7) chord. However, the 7th in a G7/A7 chord can be used as a dominant seventh (D7).

Learn when the following chords in your G minor ii V I chord-sequence are dominant seventh (E7), not dominant seventh (D7).

How to play the following chords in your G minor ii V I chord-sequence.

When to use a Bbmaj7 chord.

To play the B 7th, the G7 (Ab7) and the G#minor chords in G minor

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