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Is it possible to switch chords on a ukulele?

This article discusses a technique taught by the late Steve Lillywhite in his book “The Art of Ukulele”.

Forget your boring, old, cheap, fussy and overpriced headphones for now. Just in time to hear and read about Samsung’s ultra-low-resolution, high-resolution (HDR) Gear S2 headphones.

Samsung’s new Gear S2 headphones feature a 6.01 inches wide, 1.56 inches deep display, with the screen measuring 4 inches thick by 1 inch wide.

Also, they’re the size of a normal, average, everyday pair of headphones. That’s a HUGE difference for these headphones. The Gear S2 headphones are not just about the size, they’re about the shape too. It’s no wonder that Samsung wants you to listen to music on them.

The Samsung Gear S2 headphones also boast 8K Ultra HD video decoding capability, which will be very useful if you’re having trouble viewing Youtube and Hulu in 4K. It will also improve HD video quality by up to 10%.

Another nifty feature is the ability to record audio directly from the earbuds and keep it on your camera roll.

One thing is for sure: Samsung has made a lot of noise about these headphones. They’re super-speedy, and they’re super-light. No wonder Samsung says they’re the easiest-to-use headphones to use.

Check out the latest deals at Samsung’s web site and Amazon.co.uk. The Gear S2 headphones are already available for pre-order. These are also the same headphones you can buy at Kmart.

LONDON: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s India will join US-led coalition airstrikes against the Islamic State to defeat the group, the Ministry of External Affairs on Sunday said.Modi yesterday said India was already playing a role in defeating Islamist extremists and other terrorist groups including the Taliban and the Khorasan Group, also known as Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan”.India has already been a participating partner in airstrikes against ISIL. We expect other countries which are members of the US-led coalition, or will soon join, to similarly join Indian operations,” an FOA spokesperson said when contacted by PTI”.We see it as a contribution in the fight against terrorism and an effective deterrent in light of the terror attack by ISIL on the Indian consulate in Libya.”According to him, the PM has conveyed

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