What should ukulele strings sound like? – Learn To Play Ukulele Pdf

Here is a list of string types which you will encounter in your daily life. This list contains several strings that you’ll be required to string to your cymbals by default.

String type Description A- C B- C B- F A- G B- F A- G B- F A- G B- C A- G B- C A- A B- C A- F B- C B- F A- F C B- F A- F C A- G

As a reminder, most strings sound better with low to medium octaves. Use a medium octave for a smooth sounding high string. Also don’t go over 7 high strings or you’ll sound muffled.

There are many different sound examples for the most popular string types

You may be interested in these links to youtube videos


BASS is the sound of string vibrating in your keyboard. There are many types depending on which string you’re using. BASS is generally the sound heard in the brass bands and brass instruments.

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Here is a link to video of how a bass string vibrates. This is not a bass clef. The video uses a C sharp in a G string but its worth the watch for understanding how a BASS behaves. Watch it and you’ll get used to that feeling instantly.

Here are some other links that will take you to the Bass website.


The lessons at Bass will help you learn to better understand bass clefs and bass strings. They will also help you to see more of what you can do when playing the notes on your instrument.

It will not teach you how to use a proper bass clef or the most correct string setup. It is meant to guide you in a manner that will make you more comfortable playing your bass clef and what it is doing.

It shows you the fundamental notes of the bass clef and the strings they are using. It will show you a variety of ways for playing bass and teaches you some tricks of the trade during your playing. Many people think that they will just play the bass clef in a random order or be “gullible” and play it that way. Bass teaches you to use this “gullibility factor” to your advantage.

You do not need to learn the exact order for each type but you will be better served with the lessons we cover in

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